Commercial Solar Maintenance

About Us

Commercial Solar Maintenance (CSM) is an Australian company dedicated to the cleaning and maintenance of Commercial, Industrial and Utility Scale Solar Installations.

Our founders have a collective 70 years experience in the solar/electrical industry and have a deep understanding of the solar market. We have also been part of some of Australia’s largest energy organizations, and fully understand the importance of ensuring that panel services are undertaken in a safe and environmentally considerate manner.


Our core business is cleaning solar panels, but with our Clean Energy Accredited Electricians, CSM is also able to expertly diagnose faults, detect non-compliant installations and remedy system performance deficiencies.

What We Do

We have the capability to deliver Operations and Maintenance (O&M) services to MW-size solar farms in remote areas or to clean panels in a small business in the suburbs. Whatever the scale of the project, Commercial Solar Maintenance applies the same principles to every job:


We will deliver value
to our customers


We will perform the job
safely and efficiently


We will not try to sell you
upgrades or solar systems

Commercial Solar Maintenance has significant experience in developing cost-effective Operations & Maintenance products for operators of large solar installations and solar farms. For many providers of Power Purchase Agreements (PPA’s), it is difficult to find a partner who understands the inputs into the cost build-up of a system, and the importance of safety, quality & the environment.  CSM have significant experience with PPA providers and can offer a fixed price to input into PPA models, and have all relevant licenses and insurance to ensure risk is minimised.

We also offer services to small and large solar farms across Australia, to ensure that your investment is performing at maximum output.

CSM offers its commercial customers:

• Panel cleaning

 Performance monitoring

• Pest control, prevention, and eradication

• Full system safety and electrical compliance checks (by CEC qualified Electricians)

• Motorised solar farm cleaning (via custom water carrying tractor)

• Vegetation Control

Our Purpose

Our business was formed by a small team of solar industry professionals (an accountant, a solar installer, an engineer and a professional cleaner) who saw an opportunity to specialize in cleaning and maintaining commercial solar systems.

In doing some market research (and with one of us working for a cleaning company) we quickly realized that a lot of solar cleaning/maintenance companies either sold solar panels or had a third party relationship with someone that did. They would often use panel cleaning as a “trojan horse” to try to upgrade their customers’ system and recoup their costs for a panel clean. Worse still, we found that often untrained and inexperienced cleaners were used to keep prices down –

endangering both their contractor’s safety and that of their customers.

We also understand that business customers value safety, reliability and quality -and want to ensure that any contractor abides by the same policies and conduct that applies to their own team. So we formed Commercial Solar Maintenance; with the sole purpose of providing reliable and safe solar maintenance services exclusively to the commercial and industrial sector.

We are not a solar company that cleans panels, and we won’t try to sell you any upgrades, repairs or replacements.