Why Choose us?

When we get up on your roof, it’s to clean your panels or diagnose a fault- not to sell you more panels.

Our team includes key members of organizations who were responsible for the development of small and large utility-scale installations around the nation. We have a deep knowledge of the O& M requirements for PPA’s in both local and remote locations and can tailor a solution to fit within the budgetary requirements of the site operator.


We are qualified

Our team consists of professionals with many years’ experience in both residential and commercial solar installations. We don’t cut corners with safety, being fully insured with an established Safety Management System that ensures that our team work to the highest standards.

We don’t sell solar

A lot of solar companies are now getting into solar maintenance, and offering extremely cheap rates to clean panels that are often below cost. Why? Because they use this as a lead generator to try to sell “upgrades”. Even worse, we have heard of some companies deliberately damaging PV Systems to justify a repair or replacement.

We don’t just clean panels

We can do everything from to detecting, advising and repairing faults in Solar PV systems to designing and pricing a cost-effective O&M schedule to PPA operators. Our analysts will also test the performance of your system to ascertain whether it is operating as expected for its age, size and location.